The goals of plan sponsors are simple:


Provide a diversified lineup of high-quality funds


Ease and simplify the investment process


Minimize exposure to fiduciary liability

Wealth Advisory Group helps plan sponsors build well-structured lineups with high-quality investment options by guiding their investment process and implementing the RPAG Scorecard System.

  • Different investment styles/strategies require different criteria: active strategies, passive strategies, asset allocation strategies
  • Scorecard emphasis is on quantitative vis-à-vis the retirement plan provider’s own due diligence, which is usually more qualitative and subjective
  • The Scorecard allows the user to drill down into the suspect areas, identified easily by the fund’s score
  • Fiduciaries can evaluate investments in a more comprehensive manner through one single score

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Identifying skilled managers with consistent results and building well-structured fund lineups are the two key pillars of the WAG investment process. We simplify and manage the process to help employees toward better retirement outcomes and plan sponsors deliver on the fiduciary duties.

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